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Krif Ghana Limited launches Smart HP Shedders & Laminators

KRIF GHANA Ltd., in partnership with Go Euro GmbH, has launched its new set of HP paper shredders and laminators with high-tech smart features. The new smart devices come in various sizes and capacities, with unique features for users at home or in the office. At a brief ceremony on the KRIF Ghana premises in Accra, Wednesday, Executive Chairman of KRIF Ghana, Rev. Kennedy Okosun, said the launch of the products was historic as it made his outfit the only organisation in Ghana and Africa to import and trade the new HP shredders and laminators.

He indicated that collaboration between KRIF Ghana and Go Europe GmbH was aimed at bringing users top of the range machinery and equipment to aid them in their work at home, offices and other places of endeavour.“Sourcing nothing but the best of products for our customers is our hallmark; and this we are proud to have delivered for the past 35 years being in business,” he said.

The new HP shredders come in various paper capacities and also has the ability to shred papers, cards, staplers, metal clips etc. They also have a technology that prevents overloading where the devices reverse excess paper intake.

Indicators on the shredders alert users on what they are doing wrong such as notifying users during important moments like overheating, low battery etc.

The laminators come in A4 and A3 sizes which produce smooth laminations due to their auto temperature selection features. Laminators are touch-screen and also do not jam documents which makes them produce smooth and straight outputs.


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