Queue Management System

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– Provides relevant key performance indicators which can be used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of banking service operations
– It records the numbers of tickets being printed by the customers that are served by the branch every day.
– This automated ticketing system also keeps record of time each customer has to wait in the queue and the time taken to serve the customer.
– The data collected is used to generate reports on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or any other periodic basis providing Management with information for assessing and planning customer convenience and the work quality of employees.
– The system also provides reports on every employee, informs how many customers have visited per day, week, month as well how many and what kind of operations have been performed. These statistical data help in taking decisions on reduction or increase of the number of employees and on distribution and co-ordination of operations carried out by employees
– In addition to providing such critical information to managers, the Queue Management System also directly improves the quality and level of service. Staffs are more likely to provide efficient, high quality service when being monitored.
– Increased service efficiency – bank staff hail the next customer more quickly and easily.


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